Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) Automobile Accident Benefits Service (AABS) Compendium

inHEALTH’s LAT AABS Compendium is a relational database providing all stakeholders with access to abbreviated results and direct links to CANLII decisions. It is a value add feature to inHEALTH’s services; the Compendium refines our adjusting precision and drives our efficient and effective method of claims evaluation.

As decisions continue to be published at the LAT, there comes a growing volume of reference points and precedents. Professionals in this area, ranging from a frontline adjuster to an advocate at the LAT, can access information to:

  • Complete risk assessment
  • Guide decision-making
  • Drive effective and efficient evaluation
  • Prepare for LAT proceedings

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Total Decisions: 192

Primary Criteria:Secondary Criteria:
Case NumberInsurance CompanyCase TypeHearing TypeHearing DateDate of LossIssues  

Updated: August 22, 2017


  1. Under Primary Criteria, select a Search Variable from the first drop-down menu
  2. Select a Query from the drop down menu below and click Search
  3. For any decision, click Read More to view the Adjudicator and Counsel, and a summary of the Issues/Benefits in Dispute, Outcome, and Rationale
  4. To sort the results by any case property in ascending or descending order, click the header of the corresponding column. Click once for ascending order, or twice for descending order. Ex. to order the results in ascending order of Hearing Date, click the Hearing Date header
  5. To refine your search, define a Secondary Criteria by selecting a Search Variable from the first drop-down menu
  6. Select a Query from the drop-down menu below and click Search

For more information on maximizing your search, head over to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Michael Connolly, LAT Compendium Services:
(416) 364-6688 x2055

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